October 2015

Teaching Archery

If you click on the slide to the right or above (depending on how it displays on your computer), it should open into a PDF presentation that I put together on adapting archery and teaching people who have disabilities. It’s really not difficult and it really is a lot of fun.

The quad gloves are commercially available, but they are usually expensive (they’re considered medical equipment??) but you can probably make them yourself or have someone do them for you. They are basically a large mitten with a velcro strap around the wrist, and another strap at the finger end. After the bow is placed in the hand, the hand is wrapped around the bow, and the second strap wraps around the wrist. (Look at this description as you look at the pictures of quad gloves - it will make more sense!)

The release glove in this presentation is a batting glove that we had a shoemaker adapt. He put holes in the fingertips (like you would put a shoelace through and others in the palm. Again, look at the pictures!

For beginners, and one time clinics, mechanical releases with wrist straps often work well. Find a place on the face where the individual can touch the release to set it off. However, remember there will be a follow through - where there’s an action, there’s a reaction!

Making a simple mouthtab

This is a link to a simple mouth tab. This mouth tab can be made quickly and if doing a clinic, several can be made ahead of time. Simple mouth tab