My vision is to produce a team that is invincible, ready to dominate, and absolutely awesome.

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Ready to dominate means the team is totally ready to compete. They are prepared for the competition; they have planned ahead for known distractions; and they have backup plans for unforeseen obstacles.

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invincible team is a team that can handle all situations. This doesn’t mean they will always win, but they are prepared for and can handle anything that may come up - weather, travel difficulties, less than perfect teammates, unexpected results - with respect for everyone and grace under pressure.

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Pure awesomeness is an attitude that comes from the confidence developed by being both invincible and ready to dominate. It is being proud to represent the USA; having the courage that allows one to risk; the self discipline that leads one to excellence; the integrity and wisdom that come from being among the very best; and the ability to respect both teammates and competitors.

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