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While You're Home

With events being cancelled and practice venues being closed, it’s probably leaving a lot of you with nothing to do. Here are some suggestions on articles to read, websites to check out, and maybe some other ideas. Along with everything else, remember to wash your hands - a lot, and check in on each other.


Archery Focus Magazine (online)
Archery Drill Book by Mike Gerard and Steve Ruis
Don’t Leave the Mind Behind by Keith Henschen and Nicole Detling
Modern Recurve Tuning by Richard Cockrell
Tuning Your Compound Bow by Larry Wise
Archery: Think and Shoot Like a Champion by Terry Wunderle
Simple Art of Winning by Rick McKinney

Check out these You Tube series:

Lancaster Archery
Jake Kaminski
Online Archery Academy
World Archery
Mental Management
USA Archery
Archery 360

Nature on PBS
Ted Talks

Some Podcasts - You can listen to these on Apple Podcasts or any podcast app:

Becoming Headstrong
Easton Target Podcast
Way of Champions
The Next Big Idea
The Talent Equation

These are some ideas from Coach Leath (check out more at

Win the Day, Dr. Jerry Lynch
Every Moment Matters, John O’Sullivan
The Culture Code, Daniel Coyle
Range, David Epstein
Season of Life, Jeffrey Marx

Teach girls bravery, not perfection Reshma Saujani 
Why winning doesn't always equal success, Valorie Kondos Field 
How great leaders inspire action, Simon Sinek 
The difference between winning and succeeding, John Wooden 
The power of vulnerability, Brené Brown 

The Way of Champions Podcast with John O’Sullivan 
High Performance Mindset with Dr. Cindra Kamphoff 
Unleash the Athlete 

Teaching archery

This is a presentation I put together as an overview of adaptive archery. Some of the classification information (W1s) is not quite correct, but the rest of the information is relevant. Click here or on the picture to see it.

Making a mouth tab

There are several ways you can make a mouth tab. A simple mouth tab is here. It works well for clinics and one or two time uses. Be sure to make a new one for each person.

Here is a more permanent mouth tab. Some archers like it attached to the string; others like it attached to a D loop.

Adaptive Archery Videos

USA Archery has produced a series of freely available videos on adaptive archery. You can view them here.

Adaptive Archery Handbook

Disabled Sports USA and USA Archery worked together, and put together an Adaptive Archery Manual. It was funded by the VA Adaptive Sports Grant. Click here to download it from the USA Archery website. You can also download it on the Disabled Sports USA website.

Shooting Categories

There are three shooting categories in Para Archery. This is an article by Eric Bennett that describes them. Click here or on the picture to see the article.