November 2018

Teaching archery

This is a presentation I put together as an overview of adaptive archery. Some of the classification information (W1s) is not quite correct, but the rest of the information is relevant. Click here or on the picture to see it.

Making a mouth tab

There are several ways you can make a mouth tab. A simple mouth tab is here. It works well for clinics and one or two time uses. Be sure to make a new one for each person.

Here is a more permanent mouth tab. Some archers like it attached to the string; others like it attached to a D loop.

Adaptive Archery Videos

USA Archery has produced a series of freely available videos on adaptive archery. You can view them here.

Adaptive Archery Handbook

Disabled Sports USA and USA Archery worked together, and put together an Adaptive Archery Manual. It was funded by the VA Adaptive Sports Grant. Click here to download it from the USA Archery website. You can also download it on the Disabled Sports USA website.

Shooting Categories

There are three shooting categories in Para Archery. This is an article by Eric Bennett that describes them. Click here or on the picture to see the article.